Jude's Tabs for Anna

  Jude VanVeen, a busy 6 year old boy, loves his 3 little sisters dearly. He started collecting pop/beer can tabs to buy his little sister, Anna (3), a wheelchair and we love the initiative Jude has taken. We need your help to ensure he reaches his goal!
Anna has a rare genetic syndrome called Cri du Chat (5p-), which means that she is missing part of the 5th chromosome. She spent her first 162 days in the NICU of the McMaster Children’s Hospital before coming home with a few extra accessories. Anna has a tracheostomy tube and gtube. She has low vision, deafness and bilaterally displaced hips. Anna progresses at her own pace, allowing us to celebrate every little milestone! She is army crawling and getting into all kinds of mischief with her siblings daily. Life with Anna is not alway easy, but she has taught us immeasurably. Anna is loved and shows so much love to those around her. Right now we have a medical stroller for her, but it is likely she will need a wheelchair within her first years of school.
It takes 1450 tabs to equal 1 pound
Each pound of aluminum is worth 45-75 cents
He needs to collect millions to reach his goal
Which is why he needs YOUR help!
So start collecting in a bag, jar, box, etc and help this little boy achieve a great goal! If you have any questions or want to find a drop-off near you - please contact Lorissa VanVeen at tabsforanna@gmail.com THANK YOU!!